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You suddenly find yourself stumbling through a dark, cold corridor. Clueless and lost, you hear muffled yells emitting from behind a wall in the distance. You slowly creep up to the wall to pit your ear against it.... and fall straight through!


Here at NeonFur 2020 you will be required to be sorted into one of our four convention houses. You will earn points for your house throughout the weekend for things such as good behavior, helping out, and sick backflips into the pool. The winning house will be granted the most bodacious of bragging rights! 

Once standard registration closes, you will receive an email congratulating you on which house you have been sorted into by the all-knowing sorting fursuit head. Said email will not be sent on a Sunday, of course.

Take a look at our houses that were coined by our founding furthers hundreds of years ago.


House Creature: Unicorn

Those sorted into Stompinstab have the utmost taste for everything sparkly, and everything stabby. Slaying in more ways than one!

House Creature: Maned Wolf

Leggieoofer house members have a bad habit of looking down on everyone, usually because they're multiple feet taller than everyone else. Pride and legs!

House Creature: Otter

You can always depend on a Sleekslippin to bring the party and be the first in the pool. Just keep an eye on your booze, it's rumored they can absorb alcohol through their skin.

House Creature: Dragon

Tough attitudes on the outside, but hearts of gold on the inside. Literally. They eat gold. Nobody knows how or why. 

Artwork and more coming soon!

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