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Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is subject to change at any time.


NeonFur will not take responsibility for the behaviours of individual convention goers. However, we reserve the right to remove and/or deny entry of attendees with bad behaviour from the convention and any future NeonFur conventions to follow. This includes (but is not solely exclusive to) behaviours such as;

- Damaging hotel property, or possessing items that could potentially damage hotel property.
- Behaving in a way that would damage NeonFur's rapport with the hotel or surrounding areas.
- Trying to gain or force entry to the convention or convention spaces without paying or without suitable ticket.
- Harassing or bullying (in person and/or online) convention attendees, staff, or hotel staff.
- Disrespectful towards Fursuiters (Fursuits do not mean consent!).
- Disrupting or interfering with convention operations.
- Severe intoxication or use of illicit drugs in the convention space.
- Inappropriate clothing and/or behaviour for a public space in the convention space
- Any other disorderly conduct or causing a scene

Please be a responsible adult and use common sense. If you have any concerns throughout the convention please don't hesitate to contact any of our staff.​

Fursuits & Fursuiters

Please do not leave your Fursuit totes/cases, Fursuit parts or any other personal belongings in the headless lounge. We are not responsible for any thefts or damages that may occur.

Fursuits are welcome absolutely anywhere within our convention space, but outside our convention space, you are responsible for your own wellbeing. We highly recommend you don't Fursuit outside of the convention space without a handler/minder.
STRICTLY DO NOT wear your Fursuit in any shops, shopping centers, or otherwise privately owned areas. Most businesses do not appreciate strangers concealed as giant fluffy mascots coming onto their property unannounced, and will not hesitate to call authorities. If you absolutely must, please contact the business beforehand and gain their permission to Fursuit on the premises.

Age Restriction

NeonFur is a strictly 18+ convention. No exceptions, even with a parent or guardian's permission, or even if you turn 18 the Monday straight after the con. If you register for NeonFur and are unable to provide government issued ID as proof of your age on the day or it states you are under 18; your registration fee will be forfeited, you will not be allowed into the convention space, and bans from future events may occur. We reserve the right to ban individuals that disregard 18+ restrictions, related to NeonFur or otherwise.

​Dealer's Den 

Sellers in the Dealer's Den are responsible for their own merchandise and cash handling at all times. Please store cash in a safe location and never leave your goods unattended. NeonFur is an 18+ convention but please keep adult rated artwork either censored or concealed in something such as a folder for attendees to view at their own consent. Do not leave uncensored adult artwork publicly displayed at your table. 


NeonFur does not condone the use or sale of illegal substances and will not hesitate to call authorities if any attendees are caught being involved with them. 

The consumption and purchase of alcohol may be done throughout the period of NeonFur, but is strictly forbidden within the convention space. Please keep it at the hotel rooms, bars, and restaurants. Please drink responsibly. NeonFur reserves the right to deny or remove you from the convention and future events if we believe you are intoxicated.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the convention space and in your hotel rooms. Please step outside to do so. 

Film and Photos

Please be aware that furry conventions in general are a hot spot for photos and videos. If you do not wish to be photographed or videoed, please inform the person beforehand or perhaps wear a badge saying you do not wish to have your photo taken or be filmed. We will not be held responsible if you are photographed or videoed.

Photographers and video makers, please have the common courtesy to ask people for consent. Especially if they are not in a fursuit.



If any reporters or media outlets wish to report on or make a story that mentions or involves NeonFur in any regard must contact us first at If approved, a media badge will be given which they MUST wear at all times within the public spaces of the hotel and convention space. NeonFur is a safe, friendly convention for our attendees to express themselves and have fun. We will not tolerate slander or sensationalism that paints NeonFur, its attendees, or the furry fandom in a negative or perverted light. NeonFur reserve the right to view any and all content collected by any authorised media member.


NeonFur cannot refund registration for a simple change of mind. Exceptions can be made in dire circumstances such as a death in the family, hospitalisation or court summons. Please note that once online registration has closed, there will be no refunds whatsoever regardless of the attendees situation. No sponsor registration refunds can be processed once sponsor registration has closed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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